10535 Main St, PO Box 612, North Collins, NY 14111 - (716) 472-6739 - info@galleryacoustics.com
In Western New York, just a short distance from Buffalo there is a quiet little town known as North Collins.  In this unlikely place you'll find a Recording Studio with a surprisingly grand sound. A wide variety of acoustic spaces and warm sounding analog equipment are the heart of this artistic facility.  Take a look around the site or email info@galleryacoustics.com for more information.

Owned and operated by Recording Engineer & Producer Mike Congilosi II, Gallery Acoustics was established in 2010 with the goal of creating an inspiring studio for the production of great sounding albums.  Aside from offering Production, Recording and Mixing services to the public, the studio is also the testing facility for Mike's recording electronics company, Lightning Boy Audio.

There's a wide variety of acoustic spaces for recording in at Gallery Acoustics.  This diversity of rooms lends to creating large, detailed Mixes with warmth and dimensionality.  Although, its the unique and very high quality hand made recording equipment that sets this studio apart from all the rest.  The soul of Gallery Acoustics is made up of Mike's very own creations.  This hand-crafted gear is by far some of the best stuff in the world.  Check out the equipment section of this site to see how much LBA gear is in use at the studio. 

Mike Congilosi II is a graduate of SUNY Purchase College, where he received his Masters Degree in Studio Production in 2007.  His experience with recording goes back 15 years, but his experience as a musician goes back even further.  A self taught electrical engineer and avid audiophile, Mike proudly lives for music.  He builds much of the analog gear used at the studio and also sells this equipment worldwide via www.lightningboyaudio.com.  His true passion is for Producing music and he'll often thow constructive criticism your way if you're receptive to that kind of thing.